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Pluto square Sun and blog hiatus – I’m back (sort of)

You might or might not have noticed the complete lack of updates on this site since June, a time frame that coincided with the second peak of the transit of Pluto to my Libra Sun. Regrettably, instead of writing a blog post, I simply stated my intention of taking a break with a post on Aeternalight Astrology’s Facebook page, which resulted in, well, most of you being unaware of the reason behind my silence, and quite a few of you asking me if I was ok. 

Transits & Forecasts

Jupiter enters Libra, September 9th, 2016 – In Love with a View

Photography by Nico Nordström -
Photography by Nico Nordström –

The symbol of the Cornucopia, or “horn of plenty”, which – among other things – has come to be recognized as a symbol for Thanksgiving holiday, has close mythological ties with the figure of Zeus, the Greek counterpart of Jupiter. A symbol of fortune and plenty in the Western world, it’s mostly pictured as a woven, horn-shaped basket, overflowing with an abundance of produce; this iconography originated in classical antiquity, more precisely in an ancient myth narrating of the birth and nurturance of the infant Zeus himself.  

Transits & Forecasts

Neptune stations Retrograde, June 14th, 2016 – Song of the Universal

"Falling Color", by Hiroshi Senju -
“Falling Color”, by Hiroshi Senju –

The expression “internalized energy” is often overused when talking about retrograde planets, to the point that it turned into somewhat of a catchphrase which might mean everything and nothing at the same time.
However, the actual intrinsic value hidden in this formula makes it impossible to dismiss it altogether; a deeper exploration of its meaning is necessary in order to understand the upcoming retrograde station of Neptune, happening on June 14, at 12° Pisces.

Transits & Forecasts

The second of three Saturn/Neptune Squares, June 2016 – Not Unlike the Waves

"Babel", by Chris Rodriguez -
“Babel”, by Chris Rodriguez –

In a chemical reaction, two reactants contact each other, the bonds between their atoms break, and atoms themselves rearrange, forming new bonds in order to originate a different substance. No atoms are destroyed or created anew in the process; there is a shift, a mysterious transformation of what was once clear and definite, into something else.

Your Questions

Your Questions – Is Scorpio Mars the Problem?

Picture by Alessio Albi
Picture by Alessio Albi –

Hey, I’ve been really struggling with my Mars in Scorpio. I feel insane unable to love or let go sexually, or emotionally, I drop people even when I care about them and I don’t know why. I’m never satisfied sexually, and I’ve never trusted anyone. I’ve had sex once and the moment I did I didn’t want them anymore which I know is more normal for guys but I’m a girl. My relationships never last longer than 3 months and I’m always the one to end them, but once I’m done with one relationship I somehow find myself in another. I seem very dominant but submissive/passive people are not my type.