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Mars enters Aquarius, November 9th, 2016 – Utopia

"Rede | Network" by Du Varret -
“Rede | Network” by Du Varret –

Mars in Aquarius (from November 9 to December 19) is akin to a social experiment. The fiery, single-minded individualism of the cosmic warrior wades into the complex, networked structure that connects us with the rest of the social actors in our system at all scales, from interpersonal to international.

Your Questions

Your Questions – Understanding a Stellium

"Ad Astra", by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.
“Ad Astra”, by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

“Hello! 🙂 First, thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question and I do hope this may be helpful to some of the others out there as well! I am curious as to how a Stellium plays out in a birth chart. Personally speaking, for a point of reference, I have a Virgo 7th House Stellium (Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury). Having this many planets within one sign/house, how do these interplay with each other and how do you typically read a Stellium Chart? Thanks much for the opportunity to hear your insight on this configuration that seems to be a challenge to explore via other astrology sites!”

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New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 – Into Deep

"Becoming Grace", by Liz Huston -
“Becoming Grace”, by Liz Huston –

I’ve been thoroughly mulling over the concept of intimacy, in preparation for this post. Not “intimacy” in a relational or even sexual sense – rather, self-intimacy. That raw, private place where we’re at our barest, forced to acknowledge our true motives and desires, where our innermost memories dwell and keep on affecting us, where we can dance with both the light and darkness in our psyche. Self-intimacy as the meter through which a mindful interaction with the world at large can be measured, and as the prerequisite for a successful, Soul-level intimacy with another human being as well.