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New Moon in Gemini, June 5th, 2016 – Persistent and Fleeting

"The Private Moon as the unexpected divine guest from Heavens": Leonid Tishkov and his "Private Moon" in Kazakhstan -
“The Private Moon as the unexpected divine guest from Heavens”: Leonid Tishkov and his “Private Moon” in Kazakhstan –

Many cultures all over the world have emphasized and celebrated the power of words – to name a few, well-known examples, the Christian Gospels speak of “word made flesh” and the “word” that is God; we are now well aware about the significance of the sacred utterances called mantra, and the importance they hold in various religious schools of the South Asian area; last but not least, formulas and orations are an integral part of rituals and spellcasting in most witchcraft and magickal traditions. Even the scientific discourse is catching up with this – the hypothesis of language as something that shapes our mental representations, and, therefore, our neural networks, is becoming increasingly accepted.

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Venus enters Gemini, May 24th, 2016 – Split your Infinities

Collage by Ben Lewis Giles -
Collage by Ben Lewis Giles –

There’s a time to stay grounded, and a time to take off. Venus, planet of love and relatedness, abandons the reassuring comfort of her Taurean domicile on May 24, for versatile Gemini, the sign of questions, curiosity, duality and communication; like a curious drone, she gets off the ground to eagerly explore her surroundings and map out her environment. There’s a restlessness, a hunger for answers creeping into our romantic and social connections at this time – urging us to reach out, inspect, question, understand. Some describe Venus in Gemini as “flirtatious”; that most definitely isn’t off the mark, but there is more to this transit than just fickleness and superficiality. It’s about the seeds we have sown in the fertile ground of Taurus, starting to germinate, meeting the breeze, the rain and the sunlight for the first time; about us upgrading our awareness of our relationships and their state of the art, rediscovering our role and purpose as friends, partners and associates through a lively, ongoing interrogation. 

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Mercury stations Direct, May 22nd, 2016 – The Substance of Simplicity

"Conceivable Vagueness" by Kylli Sparre -
“Conceivable Vagueness” by Kylli Sparre –

The current Rx cycle of Mercury was every bit as thorough, laborious and intensive as one would expect from a Mercury retrograde in Taurus, and as much as we might have gotten out of it, many of us are definitely not upset about leaving it behind: the direct station occurs on May 22, at 14°21’ Taurus, with the post-retrograde shadow lasting until June 8.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 21st, 2016 – In Freedom

Digital art by Tagi Muhammad -
Digital art by Tagi Muhammad –

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, occurring on May 21st, at 01°13 (9:14 PM UTC, 5:14 PM ET, 2.14 PM PST) is like the first act of a theatre play – a revealing, eye-opening one at that. Both happening in the same sign, the next two Full Moons are two closely intertwined chapters of the same narrative, which sees us as the protagonists on a quest. Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; however, the plot that is being exposed, uncovered and divulged at the time of the first Full Moon is likely not to reach its full climax and resolution until the second Full Moon in June. This doesn’t mean that the importance of this first Full Moon should be overlooked or underestimated: a number of astrological indicators suggests that this is the pivotal turning point, the breakthrough in consciousness that sets up the rest of the story.