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Mars enters Capricorn, September 27th, 2016 – Power

"In time of Peril", by Edmund Blair Leighton.
“In time of Peril”, by Edmund Blair Leighton.

We spent most of the year 2016 with Mars wavering between Scorpio and Sagittarius, due to a Retrograde cycle that lasted for over two months. Despite Scorpio being Mars’ nocturnal domicile, which means that the planet of assertiveness and passion is especially powered up in the sign, our experience of his Yang energy has been vastly contemplative, and more meandering than usual so far; our energy levels have been subjected to climactic fluctuations, while the standard process of reassessment and re-evaluation that accompanies the planetary retrogrades has prompted us to sit back and scrutinize our assertive impulses, rather than overtly expressing them. 

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Venus enters Scorpio, September 23rd, 2016 – This Corrosion

Photo by Aleah Michele -
Photo by Aleah Michele –

From Wikipedia:

Trial by ordeal was an ancient judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused was determined by subjecting them to an unpleasant, usually dangerous experience. Classically, the test was one of life or death and the proof of innocence was survival. In some cases, the accused was considered innocent if they escaped injury or if their injuries healed.”

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Full Moon in Pisces, September 16th, 2016 – The Fragile

"Waves of Wonder", by Keiichi Nishimura -
“Waves of Wonder”, by Keiichi Nishimura –

As cosmic horror master H. P. Lovecraft put it, ‘the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown’. While there is nothing horrific per se about the upcoming Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse happening on Friday, September 16 (7:05 PM UTC), at 24°19 Pisces, it’s true that it will involve a confrontation with the unknown to some extent – the transcendental, fluid unknown of the Piscean realm. An unknown that is as mysterious as slippery and elusive, a place where ends and beginnings meet, but also a shroud that conceals things we’d much rather avoid – out of fear. Fear of losing ourselves. Fear of giving up control.

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Pluto square Sun and blog hiatus – I’m back (sort of)

You might or might not have noticed the complete lack of updates on this site since June, a time frame that coincided with the second peak of the transit of Pluto to my Libra Sun. Regrettably, instead of writing a blog post, I simply stated my intention of taking a break with a post on Aeternalight Astrology’s Facebook page, which resulted in, well, most of you being unaware of the reason behind my silence, and quite a few of you asking me if I was ok.