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Aeternalight Astrology is now Zodiac Poetry!

Virgil Finlay (1914-1971), Artwork for ‘The Crystal World’ by J. G. Ballard.

Hi friends,
although I remained quiet for the past few weeks, there was quite a lot (both in my personal life and as a blogger/astrologer) going on behind the scenes. To be more specific, I’ve rebranded my small Astro-business, which is now active under the url
Don’t worry, beside the URL and name, few things are going to change. Actually, this change was made so that the name that represents me would be more coherent with my style and goals.
All of the next updates (including the upcoming Aries New Moon post) will therefore be uploaded on the new website.
This blog will eventually be taken down as I continue to blog on Zodiac Poetry.
So, don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! Either with a comment, a message, or whatever you prefer. 🙂
Cristina (yes, I’ll be using my actual name from now on).